Pop Goes the Music

Alrighty. We’re all aware I did not post anything last week, as I was out of town (what’s your excuse, Kat?). So, today I will be posting the article that was supposed to be up last Thursday, and will post this week’s article tomorrow as regularly scheduled. Now for the actual rant: I like Pop [...]

Live from Toronto! Or, I am on vacation again this week!

So this week, instead of a little bit of news, I’m going to plug Anime Xtreme, one of my favorite anime and manga stores. Now, I didn’t know about this store until around 2006ish. I believe it was a school trip that brought me to this wonderful little store in China Town. My art teacher [...]

S to the O Simply Sick Podcast #4 is stranger danger?

Who knows games better then S to the O.

On this Saturday I am here to discuss some great games so you don’t waste your hard earned money on shittastic titles. Some great buys for Console, PC, and Arcade/Downloadable gaming. First off, if many of you haven’t noticed, Earth Worm Jim HD was released in HD. Usually when they remake those games they look [...]

S to the O fills in while Cyronin suffers from Anime whiplash.

Today I will be filling in for the wonderful songbird and our lovely Canadian. Trying to figure out what to write in his place is a bit tricky, but since today would be a Anime review, I will be reviewing one of my favorite anime films. Although I think I am terrible with words I [...]

A little T&A, a little too much?

Sorry for the late post this week I’m on vacation and I just got in, but don’t worry I’m still here to keep you all up to date on my sexy sexy opinions on anime and all of it’s culture. Careful at work, this will be a NSFW edition. Anime has evolved over the many [...]

S to the O Simply Sick Podcast #3 is dysfunctional?